2021-2022 Season Winners

2021-2022 Final Reports

The Willis Plate Final: Michael Crawford and Scott Green

Both players were new to playing a match in front of a significant crowd of spectators on the balcony, but Michael rose to the challenge more swiftly and secured the first game 9-1. In the second game, Scott began to get the measure of Michael’s tactics and played some superb drives straight down the side walls to frustrate his opponent. At 5-5 the game could have gone either way, but Michael’s determination to run down every point paid dividends and enabled him to win 9-5. Scott fought back bravely in game three, and after some time the score was still only at 2-2. A couple of unlucky errors on Scott’s part, however, saw Michael take the lead and then dominate the rest of the game, resulting in a 9-4 win and thus the match.

The Willis Cup Final: Jon Wolloff and Philip Bailey

The next match on court was the Willis Cup final between Jon Wolloff, (the defending champion) and Philip Bailey. Jon is renowned for his precision lob serves, and although the left-handed Philip coped well with Jon’s deliveries he found it difficult to make returns that really challenged his opponent. This meant that Jon was often able to finish off points following the return of serve, especially given his superb ability to play a soft drop shot off an opponent’s drive. Philip, however, was fighting hard and played some beautiful low drives which Jon was unable to return. Both players covered the court with impressive speed and many rallies brought rounds of applause from the balcony, but Jon was determined not to give Philip the opportunity to bring his game onto the court and in the end the score-line was 9-3, 9-1, 9-4.

The Handicap Competition Final: Ben Harford and Philip Bailey

The Handicap Competition result is always difficult to predict as it relies on the correct level of handicap given to the players, often a challenge for the organiser with players new to the club and even the sport! There is also the risk that the scores get mixed up using “American” scoring with a minimum of 21 points to be earned. As it happens the handicap assigned between Ben Harford and Philip Bailey was spot on and the scores told the tale of a great final.


Ben started each game with a 4 point advantage, therefore the games would be played to 25 points.  Each game Ben steadily clocked up the points with Philip desperately trying to keep in touch. The first game belonged to Ben at 25 -20, with Philip slow off the blocks. The viewing gallery was worried that the handicap given was too advantageous to Ben. However Philip kept calm and overturned the deficit in the second game 25-22.


The tempo was frantic with both players playing an impressive array of boasts and drops and both covering a lot of court. Ben playing his usual ‘power out of nowhere’ game. Philip applying his deft touches that are always a pleasure to watch. This set up an intriguing and tense decider third game. The scores flip-flopped as they approached the end point. Ben then had a good run and looked to have won it with the score at 22-20 but Philip kept his head down and dragged the points back squeezing past Ben at the post with a final score of 25-22. A great final and worth noting that Philip has held the Handicap cup since 2019, but this was his tightest win yet!  Thanks to both finalists and those who came to spectate, particular thanks to Hilary Black who kindly presented the prizes.

Willis Cup 2021-2022

Winner: Jon Wolloff   Runner up: Philip Bailey

Willis Plate 2021-2022

Winner: Michael Crawford   Runner up: Scott Green

League Competition 2021-2022

Winner: Jon Wolloff   Runner up: Dale Gilbert

Handicap Competition 2021-2022

Winner: Philip Bailey   Runner up: Ben Harford

League Squash

Current Leagues (May and June 2022) click here

During the months of May, June, July and August the club runs the summer leagues. As members tend to be on holiday during this period as well as enjoying the glorious summer weather you have two months to complete your games. The number of people in each league has been increased so you still get to play a reasonable number of games. Enjoy.

Our leagues run all year, with the main squash season being through the winter, September to April. The league structure is well-run with promotion and relegation at the end of each month, providing both competitive and social squash for every level of player. Monthly Winter leagues and bi-monthly Summer leagues are posted here and displayed on the notice board in the club.

Cup Competition, to suit all abilities

A knockout competition with plate rounds ensures multiple chances for success. Our popular 'American scoring' handicap competition means a level playing field (or court) for all. We pride ourselves on cup competition for men, ladies and even mixed doubles!
Draws for all cups are made at the beginning of December. These are made on an opt out basis. Please respond to the email from the competition organiser which will be sent to you in November if you do not wish to take part.

2019-2020 Season Winners

​2019-2020 Season

Our Finals Night for the 2019-2020 season was booked for 26th March 2020, but the country went into total lockdown the week beforehand so we were unable to complete the competitions. Having had a non-existent 2020-2021 squash season, we are now much enjoying being back on the newly refurbished courts and looking forward to the 2021-2022 competitions which get underway in December.


Our delayed 2019-2020 competition finals took place on Wednesday 17th November. The night was wonderfully supported by members and their guests, all were treated to a great night of squash and an epic battle for the Willis Plate that went to the very end of the fifth game. Our thanks go to Emma Cole from The Vaults who kindly presented the prizes. We wish her plenty of snow as she heads off to the Austrian Alps for the Winter!

Willis Cup 2019-2020

Winner: Jon Wolloff   Runner up: Tommy Tucker

Willis Plate 2019-2020

Winner: Peter Turner   Runner up: Lee Middleton

Handicap Competition 2019-2020

Winner: Philip Bailey   Runner up: Jon Wolloff

League Competition 2019-2020

Winner: Jon Wolloff   Runner up: Martin Brown