League Squash

Current Leagues (August 2021) click here
Our squash leagues run all year, with the main squash season being through the winter, September to April. The league structure is well-run with promotion and relegation at the end of each month, providing both competitive and social squash for every level of player.
Having missed the entire Winter Season 2020/21 we are starting our leagues in August this year, with a view to getting everyone back in the swing of things, ready for the competitive leagues to start in October as usual.

Monthly Winter leagues and bi-monthly Summer leagues are posted here and displayed on the notice board in the club.

Cup Competition, to suit all abilities

A knockout competition with plate rounds ensures multiple chances for success. Our popular 'American scoring' handicap competition means a level playing field (or court) for all. We pride ourselves on cup competition for men, ladies and even mixed doubles!
Draws for all cups are made at the beginning of December. These are made on an opt out basis. Please respond to the email from the competition organiser which will be sent to you in November if you do not wish to take part.